Air-Conditioning Problems?

At Crescent Garage we can service, recharge (regas) and repair your cars air-conditioning system. If your air-conditioning isn't working this is usually due to no gas in the system or they may be a leak in the system. We can check your system to find and resolve the problem. An air-conditioning system generally requires re-gassing every two years as the vehicle will loose up to 15% of gas from the system every year before you have even used it.

There are five main components in your cars air-conditioning system which are:

• Refrigerant (Gas)

• Compressor

• Condenser

• Receiver

• Thermal expansion valva

• Evaporation coils

How It Works

When you use the air-conditioning system, the refrigerant (gas) moves to the condenser. Fresh air passes over the condenser, which causes the gas to drop in temperature and become a liquid. The liquid then passes through a receiver, which removes impurities, before reaching a thermal expansion valve. The valve controls the temperature by adjusting the flow of the liquid. The liquid is then turned into a vapour as it passes through the evaporation coils, which then gets blown into the vehicle as cool air. The refrigerant has become a gas again by this point, and returns to the compressor ready for the process to start all over again.

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